Enjoy the power of oats
help safeguard the artisan spirit

The Magic Of Staffordshire Oatcakes


We are the first and still the only makers of Staffordshire Oatcakes in Japan.

Our Premium Staffordshire Oatcake Mix is now available too!


About Us

Healthy Living Is Easier
With Oats In Your Life

We believe oats are an awesome superfood, but the way they are served should

always thrill and delight.


We're a small British and Japanese team based in Nagoya.


We're artisan food makers first and foremost and our mission is to introduce people to the wonders of oats...

one smiling mouth at a time.


We currently do this via our Nagoya takeout cafe and shop, our online shop and through our popular pop-up shops.

Many of our offerings might also be available at your local retail stores (Japan) soon.