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Healthy Living
Is Easier
With Oats In Your Life

The Power Of Oats

  1. Keep your heart healthy: The beta-glucans in oats are proven to lower bad cholesterol.

  2. Avoid high blood pressure: The high soluble fiber in oats are great at preventing and treating hypertension.

  3. Say goodbye to type 2 diabetes: Oats have a low glycemic index and are high in fiber, both of which help the body maintain consistent blood sugar levels.

  4. No thank you Cancer: The many antioxidents in oats are believed to help prevent certain cancers (

  5. Defend your gut: Oats are high in insoluble fiber which is very good for your overall gut health.

  6. Don't get clogged-up: The same insoluble fibre helps your body stay regular.

  7. Improve your superpowers: Those trusty beta-glutens in oats can improve your immunity levels, fighting infections, stress and fatigue.

  8. Stay trim: Oats fill you up. High in fiber = feel fuller for longer = easier to avoid snacks = easier to avoid excess calories = stay lean or even lose weight if necessary.

  9. Rest easy: The amino acids and vitamin B6 in oats and the serotonin released by the carbohydrates in oats all play a big part in helping your body rest better and sleep well.

  10. Boost your energy: Paradoxically, because oats are rich in carbs, they offer an energy boost during the day but as they are absorbed much slower in the body, combined with the thiamin, niacin, and folate in oats, they give you a longer-lasting boost.

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